Sunday, May 13, 2012

"NEW ENGLAND HARBOR" Kathryn Morris Trotter

New England Harbor, oil painting of boats, harbor scene, kathryn morris trotter,, kathryn trotter atlanta, sail boat painting

24x24" oil on canvas 
Kathryn Morris Trotter

What a fun commission piece to work on!  This was a piece for the wife of a husband who loves to sail. They live in New York, but they travel to Long Island in the summers.  She surprised him for his birthday with this...what a great wife.  The excitement I had when painting this piece is ineffable.  I loved every second of the process!! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"SOIREE" by Kathryn Morris Trotter

fashion paintings, fashion ladies, fashion ladies with umbrellas, figurative paintings, umbrella ladies, kathryn morris trotter,

24x24" oil on canvas
by Kathryn Morris Trotter

       This was a commission piece for a couple who wanted to surprise their daughter for her 21st birthday! How fabulous to start an original art collection at the age of 21!!  Coincidentally, we have the same serendipitous! The only request is that I slip their daughter into the painting;0!

       This painting was based off of another painting of min that sold a few months ago.   These days, almost 100% of my commission work is based off of paintings that have sold.  As the artist, I don't mind doing something that is similar, but I have to be able to have creative reign and make changes that need to happen as I see fit.   As far as my fashion ladies are concerned, I have to be able to dress them according to the personality of each lady, and it would be an absolute faux pas for my ladies to ever show up in the same dress for a social occasion...hence, you will see some of the same ladies make their way into different paintings but never donned in the same dress.  They have a plethora of dresses, gowns, and outfits to choose from when it comes to a special soiree.  Cheers!